Below is a drawing of a soccer field (a diagram) that shows the parts of the field, including the penalty box, goal, goal box, center circle, penalty kick mark, end lines, touch line, corner arc, and halfway line.

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(This drawing is not to scale. It is for the purpose of showing the names of parts of the field; not for showing dimensions. Dimensions vary by age group and league. For soccer field dimensions, check with your league or see the article Recommended Soccer Field Sizes by Age Group, which recommends soccer field sizes for age groups from U6 to U14).


  1. The Penalty Box includes the Goal Box
  2. Areas include the lines that define them (e.g., the ball is not out of bounds until it totally crosses the line; and the ball must totally cross the line between the goal posts to score).
  3. See "Center Circle", "Penalty Box" and other names of parts of the field in the Dictionary.

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